Reviews for "Gateway"

I loved everyhitng about this!

This game was so awsome and well put togeather! i love it im gonna recommend it to all my friends! you deserve every 5 and 10 you get! the peeper one was funny i like the walk throught thew house one too. then that light one at the end had me for a while but i got it! :) EXCELENT! Congradulations on the daily feature too!

A mix on two favorites!

This kinda reminded me of a mix between a mose avoider and a sort of crimsion room type of game. It was simply brilliant. Everything was top knotch, the graphics were some of the most puzzling i've seen but it fits this game like a glove.

My only complaint was that this was too short, but it was all too fun. Please, if its the last thing you do, make a sequal!

A tip for people stuck on the lightbulb puzzle, look at how many times the light blinks......hm........

What a game!

This game is just so good. I wished it were longer. It was a really creative brainteaser. I hope you´re going to make a second one.
Nice job.

great game!

that last level took a bit... but it was all awesome


to get past the room with the balls, when a ball is placed on one of the tables, based on how heavy the ball is, the part of the stair will raise just as high. *note: not in the obvious big-small order, play around

to get through the room with the telescope, look through through the telescope, you will see a man in one of the windows. take the scope off of him, then back on (the imaghe should change), then off again, then on. You will notice that he wrote "PEEPER" or something on the window. But actually, he wrote the password for the keypad backwards .

For the room with the television, get the screw driver at the tv. then unscrew the "thing that needs to be unscrewd" (i forget, just look around). You will find an extension cord. Use the extension cord on the on the plug so u can move it more. Than plug it into the socket, and turn on the tv. Starting from channel 9(use keypad to switch channel), you will see an orange man. Try to follow him through the various channels, and the chronological order of him passing through the channel is the password for the door's keypad.

The octogonal room is pretty cool. When walking under a certain light, you will notice two things:

the color will change underneath(the colors come in a specific pattern)
the light will blink a certain amount of times

Two unlock the door, make sure that the 'n'th triangle color is equal to the 'n'th number of light blinks. Once completed for every light, the door will unlock!

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