Reviews for "Gateway"


i need help getting past the bit where u have to get a plank down...

pretty good

i couldnt get through the room with the telescope i i think i put in the right code but it still wouldnt open whta the hell am i doing wrong

Awsome ^_^

I need help with the part with the lights.I think i know how to do it but i dont know "how" to do it!Good tho lol

A brilliant game

This is one of the few newgrounds games that actually made me think hard about the puzzle and think of a logical answer rather than randomly guess (with the exception of the last level that i stumbled into by accident after many years hard thinking)

PEEPER, and the TV were very good indeed. how do you come up with these? are you steven hawking? trust me, make a new one. the public want to think again.

(ooh a serious review that hasnt happened in a while :P)

im stuck

for some reason i found the tv level easy, but im stuck with the lights. except for the fact that the sound is a bit low, this is a fantastic game. make more soon!