Reviews for "Gateway"

pretty good

i couldnt get through the room with the telescope i i think i put in the right code but it still wouldnt open whta the hell am i doing wrong

Very entertaining!

I agree that there should be a continuation of this game! Please!
Make it longer too.


The puzzles you created for this game were amazing! The only puzzle I think wasn't clear was the puzzle where you needed to drop planks to go across. I was stuck because I had no idea those doors could teleport to you to one another. I loved the one where you look through the telescope. "PEEPER", very funny. You have a great talent for making puzzles like these and should continue to do so. Don't be discouraged if anybody ever gives a bad score just because they couldn't figure some of these out... (hopefully no one has yet.)


No contest fokes.If you give a submission a 5 then lets it be this one.The style is clever but not boring.The graphics are simplistic but brilliant.The music scares me slightly but still and exellent game.
The levels were mostly self explanitory but i didn't know what to after i entered the code on the T.V lvl(What to do with the lights?).
10/10 everytime.I urge you to make more.


That was amazing... especially te part where you get the living crap scared out of you when that guy looks at you through the window.
Make a sequel or things will happen... terrible things...