Reviews for "Gateway"


Very well done. The lightbulb room gave me a bit more time to think. Pattern was there all along, just wasn't seeing it. Anyways, I'm a big fan of puzzle games. Great job on the graphics and the music. Spooky, quiet music and sound effects are always cool. Looking forward to a sequal or another puzzle game.

It's hard but pretty good

I do all the levels to the light bulb one what do i do?

Loved it

I liked the simple but yet great graphics, the sounds seemed to fit it perfect and that PEEPER thing scared me. 10/10


For the TV room type on the keypad - 954271
and the final room is basically...
Walk on the lights to make them change colour and try to get the lights like this:
Top -Green - Pink - Yellow
Bottom - Blue - Purple - Orange

nice touch with the music

u know on the part when u look through the telescope and ur spying on the guy watching tv then after u look away and look at him again hes just staring at u and the dark chord pops up. That almost gave me a heart attack. nice job