Reviews for "Gateway"

very nice

i loved this game, another great puzzle game on ng. really made me think, well, for the last ones anyway lol. sometimes it helps if u read the reviews, great help can be given out there. great game, please make more


Its a great game but i get to the room eith the colors and i have the colors right and am standing at the doorway but its still closed!!
if theres something i'm missing PLEASE TELL ME

Very Good Puzzle Game!

This game is very good if you like good puzzles that aren't super hard. Believe me when I say this game will makeup for its people graphics with very interactive and puzzling action, but if you are looking or a violence or fighting game then go away, shoo shoo.

nice graphics you made

very good game with very good graphics. Please make more with more levels.

P.S. : This one was a little short xD

Now I understand

When i played through the second one, I was thinking to myself, where was that little elevator when he first got on? And now I know. Now, if only there was a game that told how he got to the place in this game. Awesome game, anyways. make a third!