Reviews for "Gateway"


Great game, loved it, perfected graphics, great sound, and a totally unique style. Never seen a game like it before, great work, keep them coming!


Great game! A little easy, but very original puzzles, like the TV :)

To Djfuzzums:
the lightbulbs all flash a certain amount of times. The colours dont really matter, just step on the floors for # times

Great game, make more, especially puzzles like these (Gateway 2?)

Wow, now that's a puzzle game.

I finaly magaged to beat that after 10 minutes or so, and even needing to get some help from a review to figure out that last one.
I'd say a sequal would be greatly enjoyed!


great puzzle! hints!

1st off great game nicely made. i love games that make me think.

2nd heres all the hints you need for the game. i forgot the lvls so bare with me here

1st hard puzzle

you come to a room with a telescope. if you look at the sleeping guy 3 times a message will apper in the window "peeper" thats actualy the password that you need to use for the door. the password is "739339"

2nd hard puzzle

here you come in a room with pearles. heres how to solve it. ( | )* ( 1,2,3,4,5,6. )**

| | | | | |
5 2 6 1 4 2

*the place where you have to put the pearles.
** pearles from size smallest to biggest.

3rd hard puzzle

1st off take the skrewdrive on the TV. then unskrew the srew thats near the electrical outlet and take the extencion cord. take the TV cord and combine it with the extention cord and plug the TV in. if u look through the camera you will see a guy walking arround to go to sleep. follow the camera order. the password is as follows.


final hardest puzzle

this took me a while so i hope you all bare with me on this if you want to beat this really fast.

/\ P / \
/_G\ /Y_\ |
|_N/ \N_| |
\B/ Pu\R/ \/
--------- help is below

P- Pink
G- Green
Y- Yellow
N- No color
B- Blue
Pu- Purple
R- Red

if for some reason my plan fails, heres another explanation.

the colors are listed from the verry top, left of the room going clockwise (right)

G, P, Y, N, R, Pu, B, N.

hope you like this guide and hope it works for you.


My,My. The game was a wonderful feat. Still, For those of you who are having trouble with the plank room. Simply turn the doors the same color. It'll work like a portal and you can push the second plank over and then go back and make sure the doors are now clean. Great game!