Reviews for "Gateway"

A Perfect Puzzle Game.

Every puzzle is different and requires a different approach. The music gives the game a much needed scary feeling, too. Hell, the PEEPER part literally made me shake a little.

Well done.

That's areally nice game.

Hi !

Thanks for this really great submission. Puzzles are really nice because they are not too difficult or too easy. I only had to ask help with the peeper thing. The puzzles are new and interesting. Thanks ! Nad please make a second one, really great.

Bumpin Game!

This game was freakin awesome, some parts i really had to think about the puzzles, but thats what i love!!! i especially love the creepiness of certain parts and the music, it reminded me of the game FEAR (f-in awesome game!!!) anyways, keep up the great work, i definitely want to see the next one!!!!


That was so much fun :D!!! If you get a chance, MAKE ANOTHER! This was the 'first' puzzle that actually required thought...although not so much of it. It was pretty easy to find out the 'trick' to things, since the solutions were the only thing differnt/changing....I hope that didn't ruin it for anyone that hasn't played yet.

nice job!

Sorry to say, I played the second one first...well, not really sorry, but anyways, great job with this game too! The only one that really tripped me up was the light bulb one, that was pretty crazy, however overall I would have to say that this game was pretty great but I somewhat liked the second one better sad to say. Can't wait for number III, I'll be waiting...