Reviews for "the Echo"

There's No Way You Can Hate This Movie

This Movie it touched, me everything about it was phonominal, the music chrono cross was an exelent choice for this, the art purly unmatched in every way, the painting style of the whole movie was beautiful, and the end when it changed to all colour I was so moved by it, not just by that part but the movie as a whole the music notes dancing the tears, all of this was worth it by so much I'm very happy you took the time to create something so pretty so lush, and so touching.

The music was perfecly suited for the story of losing a loved one but getting another chance, it was all because of the music she played that he followed like the quate at the end said "As long as there is a sound to give, there shall be a receiver" thats what wrapped it all up so perfectly. There is no other art style like this on newgrounds so continue, continue with this I would say continue to get better but theres no way to improve on something thats already this good.

A great film

This is one of the most creative and unique movies I have ever seen, it is just exelent in every way. the animation and the unique style as well as the music complimented each other really well to make a masterpiece of flash.

Exelent job, few match your skill and creativity.


Very interesting style and music (actually I loved the music, so blah).

Good luck and awesome freakin job


music line was best i have ever heard in flash around here! GREAT!!! more from this team pls =)

Great concept, great execution, feel good flick

Everyone should watch this who is considering submitting an animation. This flash had 1) A great concept 2) Its own unique style 3) Strong artwork. Excellent timing, and the color was used to affect, rather than effect. One qualm: The walk/run cycle of the male lead could be redone. His weight needs to shift from one foot to the other, and he doesn't bounce enough. Google walk-cycle and animation for some tips. I really, really enjoyed this.