Reviews for "the Echo"


I'm in awe and amazemnt. Your'e EXCELLENT!

wow that was cool

I definitely see Okami in it. That was really good too--i like the brush technique and everything. I'm only in the middle of my first Okami playthrough, and I understand why it's so great (i didn't have a system that the game was on) anyway, awesome job!

Okami-Inspired Animation is Epic!

After beating the game twice, I feel amazed by the animation. It probably took you days getting the brush work right. It feels artistic and the colors were just right. You better make more flash animations to make Amaterasu happy :D

My jaw dropped..

I've seen some good flash animations in my time and I have to say this one touched me deeply. It has obvious talent behind it and the music suited it perfectly. Kudos to you friend... heres a 10 since there isnt an 11.

love it

10/10 lol this is one of the best flashes to hit new grounds...i dont think any one will be able to match this well except for you