Reviews for "the Echo"


nice flash
i like the idea of a pen doing the rocks and the tree whatever....
i liked the song :D

and rememver everyone ILIKEGAMES 'n flashes

good job

well done a very artistic flash, and a nice little break from all the violent(not saying violent flashes arent cool) and stupid flashes


I love it, in my opinion the graphics (even though simple) were p[erfect for the scene portrayed and shouldn't be any different. Loved the Music and the entire scene. Keep it up

10s across the BOARD

WOOT this is AMAZING and im sure you tired of hearing that cause im sure that youve heard that too much soo far lol but you are AMAZING with Flash lol i love your style and everying about this animation ESPECIALLY the part where you colored it lol i love how you made the music notes bring the color down.

Well done hombre :)

Nice piece of work you got there man, keep it up. I espescially liked the backing track, kudos to the composer, I didn't catch the name of the guy who wrote it but there ya go.

Oh, and to the dumbass who reviewed before me, like it says at the end of the movie,

"As long as there is a sound to give, there will be a receiver".

Are you blind as well as stupid? You could have probably guessed what the story was about, a woman is calling through the medium of sound to her love, as I am calling through the medium of text to tell you that you are a dumbass.