Reviews for "the Echo"

To not like this is to not like art or sound.

It was a very good flash from beginning to end, it was slow at first but then you could see everything come together. It even had a message in it that I liked.

Dropping Tears...

I really liked the movie a lot! Man, I usually view some flash here at Newgrounds, and for me your movie is the best of all. It is really poetic, have an epic scent... Can't really describe... Your stile really surprised me. Keep up the good work, man!

Definitely one of the better submissions

I saw this and was duly impressed. You have a genuine flair for telling a story...and your transitions were so smooth! The background was so beautiful (I think it was a shame you chose to colorize it at the end though even though it did drive the end's feeling. But that is not a complaint about this...just a personal wish.)
I'll be keeping an eye on your account and hoping you submit more like this!


I use NG all the time, but I seriously just joined the site to rate this submission. I LOVED it. I had tears at the end.

Very heartfelt and emotional

I really enjoyed this, it was a brilliant work, with how it looks like it is animated on ancient paper, and then the final flowing of colour at the end to finish it, marvellous.