Reviews for "the Echo"


Marvelous is one of the words to describe this. Broke up with a near-fiance and have some wistful thinking, kind of gives me hope in that manner. Perhaps very minor cleanup, but overall I love this work, and still have no chance of ever meeting similar skill. Things like this speak volumes for the power of love, and thank you for bringing it to bear.

Very good

The graphics weren't that great (but still very good and fitting I suppose), but the sound really sealed this deal for me. You got top score because the musical score was so great. Haha. And that was cool when the color came back...that's what closeness can do to you.

That's the stuff!

Man, great animation, original concept and ambientation, well picked song too, and just really enjoyable. Great work!


This is one of my favorite flash right now and the art was great too also a fan of crono cross. Looking forward for your next submission and keep up the good work.

gah, fastastic

I really enjoyed this. It was one pf those kind of Flashes that gave me that kind'a shiver feeling. I'm sure you've felt it too. Kudos!