Reviews for "the Echo"


That Crono Cross intro pumped me up so much for that game. I thought the animation was beautiful, but I thought of Crono and the journey through that game the entire time. Excellent choice of music.


Excellent work man, just excellent. Not much more I can say

whats the song?

i really liked the music, what song is that?


your graphics were undeniably the best i have ever seen... although your style was original, i really liked it because it was basic, yet it conveyed the message probably in the best way possible. i loved the music, which added to the message of the movie and the intro when the scene was first being drawn was really well executed as well! awesome work!

Well done

Excellent animation, particularly the beginning when the scene was being painted. Good choice of song, as well; the best thing about Chrono Cross is the music, and that particular piece is one of my favorites.