Reviews for "the Echo"


That was beautiful! I loved the simple, open form of the illustrations, you conveyed so much distance and a sense of airy0ness with this animation. It was really quite lovely!


That was a fantastic animation! Beautiful and artistic, clean and smooth animation, and great song choice. Well done!

very nice

I really liked this, it was very good

That was awesome mannnnnn!

Really good work on the paintbrush scene, that was awesome.

I love stuff like that.

I liked the color change at the end too, and you matched up the music pretty well with the animation.

Good work, keep it up!

The words 'whoa' come to mind

My god. Brilliant. If this were the opera, I'd throw you a chunk of roses. This was BRILLIANT. Loved it. I did have some issues with your drawings of people. The running part was the only sour part of this otherwise awesome flash. You rock, man. I wanna see more!