Reviews for "the Echo"

Awesome work.

The message remains strong and prominent throughout, establishing frm the begininning and maintaining it throughout. The simple nature of the animation is strong, as it does not need to depend upon complexity to wow the viewer. I see the style as being a throwback to the stylization of Feudal Japan. You got my attention, maintained it throughout, and I got a satisfying rush of ecstacy upon conclusion. From an animator's standpoint, you have achieved your objectives.

Message, delivery, emotion, and moral all come in the package, and it need not be required to deliver any more.

Congrats on the daily 3rd and weekly 3rd. Which those awards could've gone even higher, but here's hoping to the next piece.

Really creative!

You got some really great skills.
VERY creative flash animation, and I can't say anything than thumps up!

You're very skilled. I really look forward to your next animation, cause as I said, you really have the power to make something great!

Wonderful! :)


You've got a lot of potential.
As if i wasn't already enjoying the piece, you made me sit up when all those colours started flooding in.
That's some crazy inspiration you've got goin there.
Keep it up! ^_^


Tough I have seen better graphics on flash, this is still one of the better flashes. Its style was just amazing. The music was extraordinary. I gave 1 interactivity because there was a play button :p.

Overall, this is WAY one of the best flashes I've ever seen.


An absolutely beautiful piece of work, flowing with life and inagination. Well done and keep it up.