Reviews for "xKore - Cries (FL Core)"


Such an Amazing sound with such lame Vocals.

I know most of you don't agree, but I like songs with no vocals.

Maybe if the vocals fit in te song.

7 / 10

3 / 5


Quite moving

I am so glad you managed to give the website such great things like this. Maybe not the best, but certainly a song worth listening to. I keep listening to all of the eerie voices of children that are played throughout the whole song. It was especially funny because the tone itself did not come across as particularly frightening to me. This technique you and other people use of pausing in the middle and then building back up is really cool. The tone also changes after these pauses.


I represent a lable called Westworld Recordings and we would be very interested in using some of your tracks man.
Hit me up on my ng page if you r interested.


Loved it

Been listening to this for awhile and it still hasn't gotten old, very nice work.

5/5 - 10/10


how the hell did you do this???

amazing. Love the slower less intense parts best though. I dunno, you just work some wonders with that slow deep groove stuff.