Reviews for "xKore - Cries (FL Core)"

I <3 u

What more can i say? I just love this, plain and simple.

It makes me feel like such a suckage knowing how i cant manage making even a basic tune in FL studio (check my profile.. Even the beat's off -_-) and you made this just like that. : <

I do envy you :P

Im just saying, its awesome!

No complaints, just praises. ^^


Brillliant song mate. Could of been a bit longer.

Good job.

Very creative in how you make this using only defaults. I just think a little sub bass wouln't hurt, you know that heavy bass in the background making the track seem full.
But good job on the vocal splicing and sound effects, sounds really clear and smooth. Very good, keep up th nice work.

-@ "AxelTheNavy"-There is no dustep category, only Drum and Bass....They should really put that in there though, along with Hardstyle.


I'd put it more under dubstep than dnb, but still so good I could kill a mexican.

xKore responds:

theres no dubstep category broski.


The only stuff i know how to use is the default stuff! lol, but i cant even learn at the moment cuz we just got a mac, and now im stuck with...*gag*..garageband. But when i get the chance teach me!!! lol, but thats gonna be a while, love tho song btw XD