Reviews for "xKore - Cries (FL Core)"


Just wondering though, what the hell is she saying?
Or is she just making a bunch of noises?

Oh wow

That drop gave me chills, no lie. I am simply blown away by the sounds you were able to pull out of FL defaults. This is honestly one of the best songs on the portal and it was made with FL defaults! That is some serious skills there my friend. You deserve to be up on a stage leading a massive ass rave. Getting paid 30,000 bucks a show like Tiesto does. Jesus this song is sick. Make more like this please! You have definitely snagged me as an eternal fan with just this track.

Someone hand me a towel. I need to clean up.


I think you've snagged me as a fan. I always associated FL defaults with newbies in the portal, but you've outdone a good portion of the veterans with this. Powerful, catchy, precise, and above-all, godly in sound. The bass riffs are simply awe-inspiring. I wish I had the patience or talent to make something like this.


You need to find a way to sell your music. Cause I would buy it. xD Awesome Dubstep, mate.

Sweet Razor Blade!!!

Sweettttt,u r 1 hell of a great artist!!! got nuttin more 2 say it's just 2 goooddd!! Like ya taste!!!