Reviews for "xKore - Cries (FL Core)"


This is a great song.Congratulations,i like it ^^




well what to say hm
the intro was nice nice build up good use of the panning in the vocals
it gives this more spacey feel
the drums had a nice groove on it alos really punchy but the (short) snare could had some up in the mids

the drop was amazing couldnt say more but i probably missed half of it my headphones display lows but not really loud (AKG 172 HD) but yeah monitors >_<
the EQ was also really balanced but the mix could get a little bit more work on it
a little bit more mids

oh lesson is over >_<

yo wuz up wich u

yo wat da fuk dis is lyke amazin for FL core lyke shit yo dis shit is burnin hot ma. like yo nero would be fokin proud mayte

xKore responds:

yeeee skeet skeet n***aaa

It's good

Very professional sounding that is pretty unique. A breathe of fresh air in a very played out and often un-original genre.