Reviews for "xKore - Cries (FL Core)"

Holy shit

This was awesome. The transition to the hard bass kick blew my socks off. Listening to this loud is a must.

2 good

had this on repeat. so relaxing but hard. and you did it with core.... your insane. great stuff no doubt. keep it up. you can def go places with this quality work.

nice nice

great track. I always loved your quality >.<


Wow, you did a lot to this since the last updates. I can say that the changes you've made where welcome ones.

I liked the calmness the intro presented, and the gradual build-up to the breakdown. I'm one for the song that take their time to get to the most intense part rather than just blatantly starting off loud.

The changes to the breakdown where brilliant. Taking away the drums for longer and leaving that pad to play, and the reintroduction of the instruments in the speed-up/eq change worked out really nicely.

I liked that it became much more varied toward the end from the other versions, i liked the reintroduction of the heavy part with the variation that was added.

I liked that the beat in this wasn't overly generic, or very repetitive, it had enough in it to keep the entire song interesting. And all (with the exception of the crash cymbol) the percussion worked really nicely in the sound department.

The vocals fit very nicely with the song, and you did a great job on getting them to sound right. And also the melodies/harmonies where nice and flowed very nicely.

I also like how you could almost split everything up into small groups of just percussion's, or synths and stuff and they would still be interesting to listen to. I also like how the percussion parts felt (to me) like they where the melody in a sense, like they helped push this song to be even better.

My biggest gripe was the crash cymbal. I know that you have to deal with the default and stuff, but it felt very hollow going along with the rest of the song, it just seemed out of place, and it seems to be the only thing that wasn't touched in the different versions. This is the main reason for me not giving you a higher score.

Sorry if that seems like a silly reason to lower the score, it was just really distracting for me, even over the rest of the song.

(Sorry that this is pretty much a copy and paste of my review on TAP, i did change up and add a few more things)

This is amazing

I love dubstep like this. So soothing and then so trippy. It reminds of Innocence as well. I would like the bass a little heavier sounding, but that's just personal preference. Great job doing this, can't believe its FL core, either. You can't tell at all.