Reviews for "xKore - Cries (FL Core)"

Damn amazing!

This was absolutely amazing.
Sounds, mixing, everything!
The buildup in the beginning was great.
Then the DNB part was also cool.

But the only thing I did find lacking is alternation.
The song was pretty much the same from 1:25 to the end...


This is amazing. I have no idea how you made any of this stuff with default FL Studio stuff. This is unbelievable.

The amount of skill you possess is just unreal. I don't understand why you posting your music on Newgrounds when you can make awesome stuff like this. I'm surprised you aren't making millions yet!

Expert Job

Your work is so much better then the generic stuff that Most "Standard music companies" produce in both mastering and instrument quality. ^_^ the mixing is perfect. Excellent Tune. I love the drums also.


You make me fucking sick, you do. I have no idea how you went this nuts with only basic shit. This is like pro? And I thought I was going alright, lol.

Holy crap.

That's amazing.

Dubstep, indeed. Send me dl link ;)?