Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"

You know...

I helped you with a lot of stuff in the track. You love spamming me WIPs :P

So don't take all credit haha :)

It's about time that someone broke the generic trance stuff in the NG AP too... looks like this song is going to be a hit on newgrounds for a while.


dude what eer you did it is AMAZING its like im feeling life for the first time amazing!!! Dude make more wonderful songs like this that will make me float like an angel and fly around gracefuly.(not being gay) XD so freaking epic though dude. please make more. pm me if you want to talk or send me some heads up stuff for your upcoming songs.

A true masterpiece!

I felt ethereal when I listened to this song, it put me in a perfect sense of relaxation, keep making more music! And I agree, it is a cold world.

it truly is..

pure epicness !


I have heard most of your songs (and even added a few to my Ipod playlist) but this is your best work so far. Fantastic.