Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"

Great job!

Sounds very professional. Beautiful transitions and song progression.

5/5 10/10
DL'd and Fav'd

i agree with poster below.

Not about the apostrophe.

I like the mix. Very clean and catchy. Calming. Flows very nicely. HOWEVER, i agree with that missing "extra...something". He's talking about a part that stands out from the rest to make the song more memorable.

You have something like it at 4:30. However, its still quiet so it doesnt stand out as much. Maybe a brighter and louder synth there would be cool.

The reason why i did NOT give this a 9 is because this is perfect as it is for a game or ambient music for something. For something to listen to, I agree it would need that "something".

Love it

I must ask: what is that whistle instrument? I heard it in the Wall-E soundtrack and I'm not sure what it is. Maybe the same thing as presented here?

Mrmilkcarton responds:

The pad or the background Synth that plays the arpeggio?

complete agreement

the world is cold(for me) thanks


This song is the bee's knees.