Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"

havent heard a good song in a while!

Woah!! how do you get it to sound this good? like in qualitly and mastering?
I would love to know because all my trance stuff doesnt sound as flowing and equal.

Breath is taken away.

This is one of the best songs iv heard in months.
The depth of it is just overwhelming. As always
the strings are just beautiful. The song is highly
repetitive but the atmosphere just makes you want
it to repeat again and again.

Fav'd Song

There's a reason your on my fav artist list.
Your amazing.

Wow! This is truly incredible stuff.

Dude, you are too legit to quit. :)
Great transitions and progression. It sounds pro.

5/5 - 4.60 / 5.00 (+ 0.0013)

Gratz on Top 5!


One word sum up in the title there.

The arps sound fantastic, the kick is punchy, and the bass is at just the right volume for a trance song. The title fits your song well, it has a sort of menancholy beautifulness about it, and the chords at 1:04 sound amazing. Nice progression on the synths there. Nice sidechaining at 1:48 as well.

A beautifully composed song, really well mixed, this is why I missed newgrounds so much!

Thank you for bringing a great song onto newgrounds, its the first trance song I've looked at after a long time away from NG and this feels like the perfect welcome back song to me.

Ste :)


Seriously a true artist, i was in a writing slump so decided to lurk newgrounds in hopes to find some inspiring music. I must thank you whole heartedly that your music saved me! and ow i can write my story.