Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"

totally amazing....

i odnt know what to say.... im quite speechless... ur music takes my breath away... now if i cud only share ur amazing music with youtube... xD

~ur biggest fan: DJ-ReJag "<3 ur musik!"~

I dig this!

Respekt! and 10/10, very beautiful.


I needed something to listen to while writing an essay, so I hopped on here to see what's worth listening to. Alas, on the Best of all Time-list was a promising track, so I checked it out.

This song was on repeat for at least 6 hours. Straight. And I still love it. Beautiful song that actually didn't get annoying after several hours, which is quite impressive for me (being the impatient listener I am) and I'm certain someone else feels the same. Probably the best track I've listened to in this genre 2010, and one of the better Trance-songs I've ever heard. You, my friend, you have earned my first ever +1 internets. Use them with caution, and do more awesome songs for me!

DAMMNNN! I could use this for a movie or somethin'

with permission of course............

Its a worthy track for my collection.

;_; so nice

i downloaded this song some time ago last year and somehow it got deleted and i forgot its name but now i found it and it's... IT'S BEAUTIFUL