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I love it

I dunno why but it reminds me of Airwave - When things go wrong.

It's cold because of us..

Now if you were born with dumbass syndrome. Let me notify you beforehand. Do not rate this review based off my title, because apparently you don't understand the terminology of ''general''. Now, here I will elaborate the coordinates, on what possibly could make this world so still, and unlively. Let me think real hard on such an easy answer. You know why I can't think of such an easy answer? Because I don't want to believe it. It's in front of our face. It's us that caused this world to weep in it's incoherent whispers. Pleading for us to stop the dreaded actions we take every single day. The only thing that is pure on this Earth are newborn babies. They soon will meet the fate of this world's breathing ass of despair. Souls are 1 by 1 being broken into pieces by no faced ignoramuses through out life. People are losing their strength. Their will to survive. The things we all fought for for many years, are easily obtainable by a deadbeat. Through lies, through selfish sacrifices.. The moment one lies ; hides ; despise, to another ; another. Is the moment you stop living.. We were not born on this planet to form schisms such as languages ; borders ; religions. We were here to build a world before us. As a family. Look at what we have done. We just can't stop fretting for money ; ''The bigger life'' ; Anything that makes our lives ''better''. May vanity live long, while those who have been fighting for a long time fall in a matter of seconds, because people just don't care anymore. What happened to nature guys? Did we just say ''We are taking over''? Then started corrupting every single strand of land we have? Tell me this. Who the hell gave any of these defacing hypocrites the power to determine what they can associate to. Such as colours, such as commands. This is why I can never find a job. Because hear me out. I will never have another human being treat me like a low level. I will compromise my great future through my talents that I am highly proud of.. People should do the same. Stop working for others, and work for yourself. We were born as pieces of the entire puzzle. Whats good of a puzzle that is missing pieces? You decide.. 5/5 10/10
- Your song is just magnificent. It speaks to my inner voice through handshakes of awakening. You are a very talented individual, you are one example that people should follow if they adore music..
- Empyreal Vis -

Great Job.

A rare thing to find here, excellent mastering! Transitions are done very well in this one. Title fits well.



very nice !


in my eyes

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