Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"


A top 5 song that is actual trance and not the cheesy eurodance trash most NG'ers seem to think is trance. This is why you are so awesome, you manage to carry your style and passion for music across all genre's which is something I hope to do one day. You are ready to get signed IMO, you were a long time ago :). Keep up the great music.

Another great masterpiece of yours

Its been a while since I've found another great masterpiece of yours which captivates the very essence of feeling. Give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it. The top 5 in Newgrounds have not been been the same like it was the back in the day in which true music was developed. Great artists like you and many others should be known for their work and be given recognition to making such great music. Its awesome that you continue to dish out your feelings into the world incorporating it into the art of music. My all time favorites are: Miles Away, Discover and this.


I can't think of any word worthy enough to describe this much awesomeness.

got my respect!

This piece got my respect! You are a true audio artist! :) We should collaborate some day.


One of the best songs on NG today! Perfect!!