Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"

A master work!

Its really worth first place in Newground. This song has mostly every elements its needed. Very cluby trance style im sure you should get it signed. Its really beautiful almost to perfect. Its not much to comment here gl with it and keep on working hard /TN


While listening to this I thought... this sounds like someone I know, having not reading the artist, to find it was of course Mr Trance Progressive himself. Reminded me of "Ideal" a lot, which I LOVE, amazing work yet again, so powerful and chillaxing. More please! 10/10.

Smooth as a glass of lemonade on a hot freakin day

It puts me to sleep in the best kind of way. I think you've really done something here that will be a great aid in my future relaxation man, and that deserves a digital high 5 and a thank you.

Incredible.. Amazing blend of sounds.. Beautiful..

Absolutely amazing.. The mixdown is spot on.. The chord progression just dreamy.. Its hard to sum up in words how this song sounds.. Its more emotional than anything :) Great work :)


If my dick had a dick it would have a boner. Enough said