Reviews for "-Its a Cold World-"


You have a talent my friend... This is amazing. The leads are perfect. Very well EQ'd and perfect transitions... especially at around 3:00ish, when it switches to the slower part. Love the strings, didnt expect that from a trance song. It almost switches genres there... but then you bring it back perfectly. Love the drums. Kinda generic in some areas, which isnt a bad thing. You give it some mix ups here and there to spice it up. Gotta love it man. Keep it up!


...hes right you now its really a cold world awsome song anyways reminds me of my first festival


Something to lose yourself in. I think I'm in love. I wish I could think of more to write, this trance blows my mind; I can feel the epic presence of it!


I are pleased.



Quality Track Mate

Easy to listen to. Tight bass, smooth pads, and it's fantastic.