Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

Short but Sweet !!!

This game was beautiful and very nice. I enjoyed the boss battle. Over all I thought it was quite fun when you get the handle of it. Very creative ending, which was not the stupid mushy and they lived happily ever after ending. It makes sense the only wayto change some thing is by sacrafice, whethter it be time, wealth, or even life. Thanks for the great game and keep up the good work robert kabwe (popopt) and et. all.

good game...just

dood...if games have glitches that make the game UNBEATABLE dont put them out...

here i am riding around looking for the stupid dragon lady & guess what?!!!!!!?!?!?!? YEP! i go to the stupid green light...i ride around the stupid place for an hour!!!!!!!!!!



i was gunna give you a 5/5...but since i cant beat this...0/5

GREAT! But i got a glitch/bug

Well, the style was a "seen it", but it was new in a way-- great game man.
I just hated the looping of the same music over and over again, otherwise it was fine, and the flyers were really fun to catch- I LOVE THE CRYSTAL FLYER MAN!
BUT : ur game has a glitch. I got to the last boss at the "NO" answer, and his thingy on his chest didnt turn into a hotspot and i couldnt shoot him. PLEASE make this glitch go away, i really wanna see the ending. THX

nicely done

that was one of the best games iv played on newgrounds 10\10


OMG,this game is the best i've ever played!
I just love riding on the horse and the other creatures!
I also love to kill the boss!