Reviews for "Nimian Hunter"

Great game, hoping for expansion

who cares if the plot is weak? I enjoyed an original game with a neat twist at the end. Expand on your world and 3d realms...It leaves me hungry for more!

Slow and strange but stunning.

Firstly, incredible graphics, and well done with the sound. Some more types of fantasy landscape (distant castles, windmills, virgins on rocks etc etc) would look make the game look nicer. Still, very good

The plot is a bit weak. You sacrifice to a demon, then click on him lots of times, then Zebadee sacrifices you and restores the land. Why is the horseman galloping across in the middle of nowhere? What killed everything except him? Why didn't the demon just go into his big form and grab the bug earlier. Why does clicking on him hurt him (what are you shooting at him). Why do angels feel a need for human and equine sacrifice before they reward them for saving the land, since they are not powered by human sacrifice, and generally regard it as abhorrent? The plot was incomplete. Some flashbacks would add lots.

The horseman is too slow. There’s nothing to do for most of the game, except wait for him to get somewhere. He needs spurs so he can get the horse to go faster, and a bow and flaming arrow so he can shoot random fauna. Something to do on those long voyages.

Anyway, good game but not enough storyline, challenge or speed. Plus I’d recommend adding a retry button at the end for those who sacrificed to the demon.


Very simple game with amazing graphics. It reminded me tons of Shadow of the Colossus.

Slow, but fun.

This was definately an excellent work, but in your next game you should tweak the gameplay a bit.

It was really slow paced.

I have no other real complaints.


Dude, you have to make more games like this one. I loved the mythical story, the music, and the twists in the endings. Also, the controls are simplistic, making it easy to play, yet it was challenging nevertheless. Genius that you make the environment interactive and that it effects your gameplay. Otherwise, that would make it too easy. I loved it.