Reviews for "Pick Up"

very nice

i thought this was a very good flash and how the girl he was fighting was tied in to a delivery service of some sort i hope to see more of your work and a sequel to this one thats all for now good bye.


HAHA pwnage flash! i loved it

wicked stuff

that was awsome!!!! i hope your making more like this. well done


everthing this guy does is fuckin great


Its very nice, the adio is kinda bad in some parts though.
Are you still making the sequel, I mean, this has probobly been out there for some time now.

Skaijo responds:

Yep, in fact I was working on the sequel just this weekend. Pick Up: Act Two is currently about 50% done animating-wise.

Anyone interested should check out Skaijo.deviantart.com for more screenshots and updates.