Reviews for "Pick Up"

Not bad

It was entertaining, and I liked the 'scruffy anime' style of drawing, but there are a few things that bothered me:

The dialogue is so quiet that without subtitles I wouldn't have understand half of it, and that's not even because the music was loud, it was just recorded badly.

The story made little sense to me. I understand bits of it, but I'm still scratching my head wondering what was just happening.

Was this supposed to be funny? There were clues that this was meant as a slightly humorous piece (the KFC product placement, the girl's slightly bored voice as she fights) but I didn't laugh at any of it. Maybe it wasn't meant to be, nevermind.

Some of the action sequences were too fast, it was near impossible to see who was moving where and such.

I liked the tools box with subtitles and skipping ahead features, I think all submissions should have that included!

Overall, I enjoyed!

Skaijo responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I learned from this submission that I need to work on my sound editing abilities a bit more. My next project will deff have that in check--believe it.

In case if your having trouble understanding the plot, I left a Backstory explanation in the About: Pick Up section at the end of the movie. I hope that helps some.

There were some parts in the movie that were supposed to be funny little tounge-in-cheek details that were essentially awards to viewers who were giving the animation a closer look. Some are also tip of the hats to some of my past works. <3

Freakin Loved It

Extremely awesome please hurry with the next! lol.

Graphics were pretty good but seemed a lil less on the detailed side and not one line was straight lol, but it fit the flash great.

Style, loved the style, but of course that could be because ima anime style action lover lol, it was pretty fast like the person before said but wasn't bad i thought, i like the fast pace heh.

Sound was great, the music was interesting for it being action oriented, and all the voices were done really well fora flash, and the sounds were good, they fit everywhere they went.

Violence was good, there wasn't hardly any blood or gore at all (which is a good thing), but there was some pretty awesome fighting so it was violent is some way heh.

Interactivity was just a click start, rollover for subtitles, and timeline controller, but of course thats what movies are supposed to have so its all good heh.

humor, the part with the birds getting turned into KFC cracked me up, but that was really the only funny part, other than that it was pretty serious.

Overall, a 10 because theres no 9.7 lol only because the place coulda been just a lil bit more detailed and the "scout" cuda been more than just a blue square lol cant wait to see your future subs.

It's too fast

Would have got a higher score if it was paced more slowly.

what? NO!!

why did this end? I was so caught up in the movie I was sorta hoping it would never end. the animation is amazing, and the story, though lacking any real beginning, is relatively easy to grasp. all in all, great movie, had me hooked, MAKE ANOTHER 4 MILLION!

Skaijo responds:

The beginning of the story will be explained soon enough. I'm gonna Tarantino this bitch. xD

Very cool...

...but about twice as fast as it needed to be. Seriously, pacing was fine but it was like watching the whole thing on fast-forward. Which is weird compared to the slow pacing of some other anime I've seen...