Reviews for "Pick Up"

good one

good made i give you a 5/5 for the nice flash hope to cya on the front page soon keep up the good work


That was some pretty intense action there. I love the humor in it; it balanced out all the ongoing action. Bad on the sound though, I think the voices could have been clearer (although thanks for the subtitles).

I like the music too...



What more can i say?

Very good

+excellant art
+excellant animation
+entertaining story
+excellant voice acting- Hickory is especially good- she sounds SO sexy!

-voices a bit quiet in parts and hard to hear- I needed the subtitles.

The anime style with the funny no-nose faces and wishy washy backgrounds is not much to my personal taste, but its good of its type. You have done well and I look forward to the next installment. I watched it with some of my D&S colleagues, who all enjoyed it.
Best Wishes,
IceDragon64 of the Dragons & Spirits

Very good and different

I see this as your best work yet, and it's very different compared to your past works in both style and storytelling. Overall, I like it.

Skaijo responds:

Think so? Hum... I hadn't noticed. Thanks for the kind words. :D