Reviews for "Pick Up"


original. i like how overall the movie had such a calm feel, esp with the music, and even during intense fighting scenes. in my favs

very good! make part 2

got nothin else to say, it rockz

wtf was that anyway?

I saw no flaws in this movie at all whatsoever. It was the best flash movie I've seen hands down. I have no idea how to compliment this movie because I don't think that I can do it justice. Make more of the same and you will be held high.

Skaijo responds:

"wtf was that anyway"

I love that. Thanks for the kind words, mizan.


Very good graphics. The music somehow did and didn't fit the movie. But I believe it's actually spelt Tricia.

Skaijo responds:

Tricia...? Seriously?

English names are weird. <3

really cool.

really enjoyed it had a great time watching it. and SexyLilSeaOtter why is it good for far east flash? anybody can have good skills no matter what part of the world there from.