Reviews for "Pick Up"

This animation has everything!!!

I absoutley love it. I want more - MORE - MOOOOOORRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!!
You deserve a 10 - anything lower? those people don't know what they're talking about


you must make more okay??????? I mean soon i must haves mores
also nice little how is my driving on the back of the truck but why put your email address there????

Words are unexplainable

This nice and creative. You might get review pick and weekly feature next time for Act 2. Keep up the good work. This deserves its rightful spot.

Skaijo responds:

Pick Up: Act 1.
Taste of Snow: Act 2.

I'm hoping it will be out Spring of 2007. Thanks for the kind wordage. <3


I liked this, good job! I can't wait for the next part, if there is one!


Good flash....could barely hear some of the words but it was good.............im guessing there is gonna be a part 2? no, yes, maybe.....you better or...ummm your sister might die?