Reviews for "Pick Up"

Nice animation

That was very good.

That was so cool!

Aw man the animation and the graphis were so cool, that was an amazing fight sequence!

Skaijo responds:

Thanks! That's what took the longest to animate. It's really hard drawing two seperate characters coming in contact with one another.

Much love for the kind wordage, shmelo.

nice one

ok i liked it all and the style and animation of it
you did a dam good job!!!!!!
give er self a pat on the back
U earned it XD

very nice

OMG i would not take that from her..anyway nice, graphics goood style gooood vilolence goood sound was slightly dodgy but you said you turned it down so..was also funny at the start very nice cant wait for next part omg.

Loved it!

That was awesome! I loved how it was really light-hearted through the whole thing despite all the action that was going on. Also liked how the music never stopped even when people were talking, it added to the style of the movie. Great job!:)