Reviews for "Pick Up"

put down

a little too japanese for my taste. never really got what was going on or who these peopel were, mabe i missed something...

the violence was nice. ot you had an original style my score would be much higher...


Huhh.. I didn't understand what they were saying.. Always reading. Well I didn't understand the end ..... Why the guy have a sword like this... and wtf square every where.. well lol good job anyway.. I liked the graphics... humhum


Skaijo responds:

'Bout time I got a comment on that square. I was beginning to wonder about you, NG.


Nice animation, but the narrators voice SUCKS. Not digging the un-emotional walkie talkie sound.

wtf is this japanese crap

i didn't know it was japanese. i stopped watching immediately when i realized it was. so i rated it from what i saw. jesus christ, japanese animation is weird, just like japs themselves.

i really think we need to nuke them again to set them straight.
the little yellow midgets them...........