Reviews for "WHOOKOS Intro"

Very nice

i think you couldve done without the singing part of it but it didnt really make it bad niether lol. very very good. keep em coming yall.


There were some parts I almost forgot I was watching a flash movie. Keep up the great work!

you do have you own kind of smart....

...ITS CALLED STUPID!!!!, i don't care how good the animation is this should not pass, because there is no story line.


Dude, don't mind Jimkemon, he's just an idiot. That was amazing!!
I didn't think it would be worth the near 10,000Kb wait would be worth it, but wow was it ever. That was by far one of the best things I've seen on Newgrounds. You've managed to make something that could possibly be better than the XIN series.

=Superlative graphics, very rarely do you see anything that good.

=Very origonal and great to watch.

=My speakers aren't working but I'm more than willing you had sound it in with the filesize.

=I don't know what I can say about the violence, it was there but it wasn't at the same time?

=You had all the interactivity you'd need for this genre of flash.

=A little funny at some points.

Amazing flash. Keep up the great work.

ScootLumpDude responds:

Well thanks.^^ But I didn't mind him. I knew he wasn't nice. And as for the file size, it was only really bg because of the video and 3D animation background in it. Thanks for the review.


I liked the use of the Smash Brother's theme but can you throw in a little plot next time?