Reviews for "WHOOKOS Intro"

i was right i knew you would give up

it has been two weeks i knew that you wherent going to see the seris though peaple never do i knew it

ScootLumpDude responds:

Ok dude. If you say so. But unlike you, I actually put my heart and soul into my flash animations and I don't finish them in a useless two weeks. Two weeks isn't enough time to make a good animation. Plus the voice actors are back 500 mile away from me. It's hard to voice act now. So don't tell me if I'm quiting or not.

for using the SSBB theme you get perfect ten!

but seriously:
Graphics: i heart Anime-10
Style: you have the coolest Anime style i've ever seen-10
Violance: they were about to hurt Scoot-2
Interactivity: it's just a movie-0
Humor: none-0
Overall: WHOOKOS rock-10


wow very nice..

it had the super smash bros brawl music.it was awesome it was very good:)


I liked how that one guy was watching the ninja thing. Your the best one in !US!

US studios r de best u guys rock!!!

and yes that was super smash bro's brawl theme looks good dont it welll love ya flash u guys have passion when its flash's

:) lol

ScootLumpDude responds:

Oh? Well thanks!^-^ We are trying to be better known. And in about 3 weeks, I think we will.^^