Reviews for "WHOOKOS Intro"

Thumbs Sideways?

It was okay, the animation on the hair was solid, but I saw your animation lacking a bit in some parts (like when you introduced the blonde guy). You should workon trying to improve your artwork though. It looks like you used the line tool. Don't be afraid to use the pencil tool to draw, it's actually much easier than it seems. I can't really say whether have potential or not, all you displayed here were your flash abilities there's still one big thing missing to see someone's talent in flash.... your story-telling. Only when we see the story can we see your true talent. Good job none the less. ;)


a good flash, you got that music from the SSB trailer didnt you?
so im guessing that all the woohkos are lfying ninjas with swords. that is a very cool kind of smart.


i like the music, its from the new SSB right?... heh anyway the graphics were nice, nothing too complicated yet it looked cool, so i'm taking this scoot has multiple personalities or able to change his hairstyle really quick? XD oh and the guy in the begining, didn't see him anywhere else in the flash, so must be a random character? erm... anyway... ~ good flash all in all, nothing to complicated, yet i don't think in rl you whookos have the ability to fly like that hehe, anyway~ good job


The only thing this looked like a bunch on unorigonal anime characters jumping around in karate suits and then standing there for about 5 minutes with hair blowing in their face(which was also badly). The animation wasn't as bad as the drawings though. But the drawings needed LOTS of work. Not only was it unorigonal but the anatomy was screwed up and the faces were 2-dimensional and bland. The whole thing was just so cluttered you just didn't get what happening.

Hmm....this looks to be interesting.

Yeah, I'm curious about this and I hope you put the first episode out soon...I'll be waiting for it. The graphics are smooth and non-crappy! Style is nice as well for anime. It's hard to judge the humor really, but a few cute scenes in this intro, though! The file size seemed pretty large. :o Yeesh....can you fix that? Everything else was fantastic!