Reviews for "WHOOKOS Intro"

Something that anyone can laugh at in a good way.

I have been a big anime fan and its things like this that make me smile and feel good to be alive on earth. the imagination is a force never to be reconded with, and its my belief that yours will take you far. That said, I hope to animate things almost as creative as you guys. Good luck with future episodes. E~D


i like the intros, and i love the smash bros. brawl theme.. matches perfectly. ^_^

im not sure i can say much else about this except that its just really cool... i love swiffer's hair... and scoot's too, i can only assume thats your character, its cool that he has a dark side... reminds me a bit of.. well, me... :D

Good animation

although there was no story, it was a really good animation ^^


it had pr good grphis (hell its what i can do when im at my best) and we have to put in the fact you made this 2 years ago in comparison to your resently submited (and awesome!!!) Hallow Statistic.

though a bit short and lacking a storyline, but hey its a intro.

and the adding of the SSBB theame was a good addition


this wasnt very good

wasnt good, no plot..... not the best animation either...