Reviews for "WHOOKOS Intro"


That was a bit strange... But anyway the animations were prety good. But there was somthing with the whole movie that just sucked. I can't put my finger on it, but it's there. Somwere.



I didn't even watch it all, but I gave it a 5 because one of the guys was named swiffer wejet


Well, you do have talent, and this is a pretty good piece of Flash, but have you heard of optimization? This 9 MB filesize could have been reduced to at least 4 MB.

Now, the breakdown:
Graphics - 8: The graphics were well drawn (especially the background). However, some parts were not drawn so great. The animation was fluid however, so great job.

Style - 2: Well, I have a personal bias against anime/japanese. I'd say that you did an alright job though

Sound - 7: Loved the song, but I gave it a lower score since I think that it was the song that made the filesize so large.

Violence - 1: Some of the characters had swords.

Interactivity/Humor - 0 : N/A

You guys did an alright job. Keep it up, and I'm sure that you will acheive portal success. Just try to keep the filesize down next time.

Holy crap man nice

Cant wait to see more XD good job


It was pretty bad-ass,great job dude