Reviews for "WHOOKOS Intro"

Pretty nice, BUT FILE SIZE!!!

It was a nice intro to something that could be an interesting series. But why the nearly 10mb file size. It was only a few minutes. Seriously good job, but the file size was ridiculous. Not accommodating at all to the 56K crowd.

Graphics (8)-The characters looked pretty great; not too detailed but that's fine, and I'm sure a lot easier to animate. The effects like the camera moving around the city could be improved but wasn't bad enough to hardly notice.

Style (8)-Although it seems much like a lot of other anime style cartoons, it was pretty cool. Creating original characters is pretty tough so I'll give you props on that.

Sound (8)-The sound was good. But you mustn't have optimized it because of the file size. Really high. I'm glad I have cable.

Violence (2)-Meh, nothing really.

Interactivity (1)-PLAY BUTTON!!!! YAY!!!

Humor (3)-Not really funny, but kinda funny looking xD. But it was an intro so it probably wasn't meant to be funny.

Overall (8)-It was cool to look at, but dang!!! Get that file size fixed! But just looking at it as what it is and not worrying about the file size, it was great. Good job, just next time fix the long load time. That's what killed X-men legends for me.


it wasn't that great really....even though I know this is a intro and no storyline that's all right with me I don't mind

it's not true about the animation....it's not that great, just some kingdom heart fanboys that want to have hope of seeing some and yes....it reminds me of kingdom hearts WAY too much...

it's averagely drawn and the 3D affect is not that good...yey so theres super smash brothers music...so what? dosn't mean that it fills in all the other holes though I seen better I seen alot worse...

Nice one!

I really liked this movie because the style is very cool, the animation is damn smooth and all the sound fits nicely into the animation. Great job dude, keep it up!

Great job

Hey great job i loved this. I also liked how you had the SSBB music sync with when you introduced the characters very good.


This is really cool!!
I like the way you used the SSBB Theme for the team.
I expect to see more!!

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