Reviews for "WHOOKOS Intro"

.....that was 10MB?

It looked like a promising movie, but it was quite alot shorter than I thought, especially for 10mb. It does seem like quite a waste of space if you ask me. Had it been 2-3 megabytes, it would be fine. Or if the art was fantastic, like say fallen angel, it would have also been fine. But for an animation that was about 1.5 min, not good enough.

Was aight

Too much standing around with hair flowing in the wind, but the characters look good. U just need to work on makin better lookin backgrounds to go with the characters

I'd Join It.

Great animation, and nice use of the theme music from SSB-B. It syncs up too!

all in all it was pretty well rounded

the graphics were decent, the style to be honest looked like every anime' knock off in existance the sound was astonishing and i liked the tag line. cant wait for the real thing
p.s. the disclamer in the begining, priceless

Not bad...

It has potential. I didn't like that fact that the file was 9 megas. I have a good conection but sometimes Newgrounds needs a lot of time to send the movie itself to our computers. You should've compressed more the animation. I've seen longer movies (And with more effects) that are smaller than 5 megas.

Keep that in mind.

I'd like to see what's next. So, I'll add this author to my favorites.

Keep up the good work.


ScootLumpDude responds:

Very nice review. The file size would've been smaller had I not put in video and 3D animation for some of the backgrounds.