Reviews for "WHOOKOS Intro"

another Great job way to go

that was really cool, I really like how this video was planed out. Also how u interdused all your friends and your self. I have 3 questions. Was that Black Belt Dolphin jumping on the trampiling in the tv? Also who is Dark Scoot is he like your dark half, or some other person inside you and how come he didnt have a sword? You should really consider a career in drawing or something involving drawing.

You are very talented! Great job!

You really did a great job with this. Swiffer definately looks like my lil bro. You are very talented and I hope you make it in this field!

ScootLumpDude responds:

Thanks!^^ I'm trying to start doing this for a living. It's something I REALLY love doing.

This would be 2nd time i review something today

*continuing from the last senstence* from you, yeah, im not hyper this times, and its late so im kinda tired. but, i still like ur work and hurray for orginzation 13. well, scoot looked liked:P

one of your best!

How dare that guy insult you everyone knows 2 weeks is not enough 4 an animation go ahead and keep putting ur soul into ur work thats wats gunna take u places(how dare he/she insult ur work i should him)do u want me to kill him scoot^.^

ScootLumpDude responds:

Naaa. No killing.^^ Not today anyway. He still gave me a ten out of ten. And he likes my other work. So he didn't completely insult me.

o_o I loved this series

And I still do, listen. No matter what people say alway's have confidence. It's really rude too insult other's, or put words and there mouth. I suggest ignoring the insults, and taking only the nice critique's but in my eyes it's perfect, as in some of my friends as well!

ScootLumpDude responds:

Well the funny thing is, the guy below was insulting, but gave me a 10 out of 10.