Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"


Wow Finally here! after few months it is out!

I liked the idea. I guess it is unique, that's why i voted 5. I liked all teh drawings. But i guess you guys should put the music.


Cracking effort to pull this off, well done to you!
Some really amazing stuff.


alot of these picture really surpised me. they're very creative and realistic.
Did they sign up through the forums? If so that would explain why I didn't notice the sign up thing for this. I may not be too good at animating yet but I AM an anime arist and would've loved to be part of this.


...that ruled.....so bad.... :0 Im....so amazed by it all...

I havent got any submissions of my own on NG, nor do I do much other than watch and review...But I would love to do something like that...Youre doing one next year? If by any small chance in hell...Id love to take part in that :0...And, yes, I can draw lol. Let me know that I cant soon lol :D

man..I wsh mine were in that...

but I'm not a flash artist, so...