Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"


im an artist, so of course i like looking at other drawings and of course this will get a ten for all the work they put into those,^_^.

{see.....i can be nice-_-}


Absolutly brilliant!!..
Im sad because i wish i could draw like that....i could if i tryed but....it never works :'(..
I love every pic!

Good show old chap

What a wonderful idea, and I must thank you for putting this sketchbook on the nets for us to peruse. Though you didn't necessarily pick only the biggest-named artists or what-not on the block, the selection you chose did a fantastic job of filling up this sketchbook. Perhaps a sequal is in order? Maybe? Well, anyway, it was a nice little project.

Good show old chap.

That was wonderful! Stick with the brown paper.

What a great idea! And excellent execution too!

It's great to see 'traditional' art works from these flash artists.

Personally, I think you should stick to the brown paper. White paper is just so boring. Surely these *talented* artists can overcome something like that. :)

Anyways.. I liked it tremendously! I hope to see another!


Nice one guys! The art is amazing. Especially by some of the younger artists - that was awesome.

Roll on the next tour ;)