Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"


Wow Finally here! after few months it is out!

I liked the idea. I guess it is unique, that's why i voted 5. I liked all teh drawings. But i guess you guys should put the music.


Cracking effort to pull this off, well done to you!
Some really amazing stuff.


Nice idea:)) It also shows that there are lots and lots of talented artists out there:))
pls include me next time, if that's ok with you guys of course:)


alot of these picture really surpised me. they're very creative and realistic.
Did they sign up through the forums? If so that would explain why I didn't notice the sign up thing for this. I may not be too good at animating yet but I AM an anime arist and would've loved to be part of this.


...that ruled.....so bad.... :0 Im....so amazed by it all...

I havent got any submissions of my own on NG, nor do I do much other than watch and review...But I would love to do something like that...Youre doing one next year? If by any small chance in hell...Id love to take part in that :0...And, yes, I can draw lol. Let me know that I cant soon lol :D