Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

i wanted to see this

I was thinking about signing up for this good thing I didnt because I would be put to shame. some of those drawing blew me away after seeing those drawing i wanted to grab a paper and draw something. maybe next year ill sign up and draw something good.

Nice work to everyone who contributed to this project


Wow. That's some great art.

Fantastic mixture of style here!

The best way to start off this sketchbook was done, with the entry from I-Mockery a page full of scathing rant about the low quality paper used for the sketchbook! From that we just get page after page of everyone's own unique ideas pencilled onto the page.

Special attention has to be paid to Aloneinthedark's entry, a fantastic looking cityscape. I can only imagine the amount of time and attention it took to draw that, especially with the strange perspective used!

Bluebaby's entry is also pretty impressive, having to colour the background must have been a real bitch, but the intracite detail to the pattern is amazing. similar props go to the Super Flash Brothers for their brilliant Another Day on the moon sketch! Pako, your entry was just a deluge of colours and shapes and pure brilliance!

I think what could have made this better is if there was a link to each persons newgrounds profile (where applicable) as it would make it a lot easier to root out artists whose work you'd like to see a lot more of. Possibly a little music wouldn't go a miss either...

Still, this was a fantastic idea, one I hope to see implemented every year, with certain Author's who chowed incredible skill or a great dedication to the Ng community returning, but also for newer artists to possibly receive some more widespread exposure!


Another amazing yearly sketcbook concept, seems the scale of budget was much larger than thinkable too, that's a shitload of money for one no-income generating flash. Anyhow, lots of great entries in this, artistic and unique, all of them, keep up the great work!


Great stuff! I love seeing collaborations between so many great artists. Even if it was just pictures, it was still awesome to look at. I admit I was a tad turned off by the sketchbook background. Still, it was a pretty original idea. Maybe my favorite was Dave's?

I loved the opening part. I thought the whole thing would be like that. I'm glad it was easier to look at. Shouldn't a yearly thing be done at the end of the year? Whatever, it was still awesome.